The Bearded Avengers! Club of the month December

The Bearded Avengers!

By: Kyle Coots-President & Founder of BABAV Logo

They always say the first line of an article is the breaking point to the reader if they will stay interested in the story or not. Its always smart to start with a quote, Grab the reader’s attention right away. Who better to quote then Tony Stark with a little twist: “  You can take away my suits, you can take away my home, but there’s one thing you can never take away from me: I Am The Bearded Avengers!”

The Bearded Avengers were formed by Kyle coots and his fiancée Jamie brown. Looking up to Super Heroes as I grew up and my father always Kyle Cootshaving a mustache I knew that eventually I to One day would have facial hair and wear it proudly like my father. I always wanted to be a Super Hero, but with No powers I had to find a way to become my own version of a Super Hero . In late 2012 the calling came! I always had a beard but would shave it off when it was too hot, for jobs, etc. But when I learned about Beard and Mustache Charity competitions and took First Place in Full Beard/Styled Mustache at Chicago Beardsmen Innagural OktoBeard Fest 2013, I felt that I finally found my home and where I could be my own Super Hero, Nick fury said “ I still believe in Heroes” and I to agree that there are heroes out there.  I then realized what kind of Hero I was set out to be. A Bearded Avenger!

But being a Super Hero can be lonely at times. So I set out on the quest to find my Beard Avenger Brother Hood! It was a Slow Journey threw many different villans. At last though located in Indiana were Two more Hero’s searching for a group of Facial Haired Brothers to Join Forces with and Fight for the common decency in all that needs help.

Josh Reed in Angola,Indiana had been watching from the dark about The Bearded Avengers Josh Reedand Growing an Amazing Beard started to reach out  and show interest in being a club member and wanting to compete and help those that are in need threw Facial Hair Glory!  Josh says “ I like to think my beard showed me the way.A Beard is never wrong!” Is Why he chose to join forces with The Bearded Avengers.  Being a freestyler he uses A LOT of Got2b products to make an Award Winning Freestyle Beard! But when its time to tame the beast he uses “ Honest Amish Beard Balm”.Recently taking First Place at MBMC 1st Annual Beard and Mustache Competition and having the beard glory running threw his blood coming from a family with a great beard growing abilities he feels he will be a tough competition. Watch Out Freestylers! Being inspired from every bearded person he meets threw competitions and not really being a fan of shaving “ Who is?! Lol” gives him the motivation to keep growing He says “ You Will Never Know Until You Grow!”

Looking for another Facial Haired Hero and Not having to look too far I found the next Club BigNastyMember.The Next supreme Bearded Being to add to The Bearded Avengers! Finding this New member was threw a fellowed Mustached Brother  James Erb VP of The Bearded Avengers. BigNasty Matt Johnson always wanted to compete but never really had the right people to reach out to about this glorious competition of Man! But I kept my eye out and reached out to BigNasty and asked him to join.The man is very Dedicated and Excited about making an alliance and helping out the greater good! Being raised in a home his Father always wore a beard,as soon as the stubbles came in on the chin he didn’t let that get thin! James Erb Vp was out scouting and sending very dedicated and ready competitors to the club. “Nothings too Expensive when it comes to Beard Care”

The Bearded Avengers have a code to Being a Facial Haired Hero:

“As a Beaded Avenger it is are duty to be are own Super Hero,To grow and never shave and always be there to Save the day,and Fight for the cause of the Good Inside Each person”

The Bearded Avengers want to be a club that stands out as Heroes for the little guys,being a Facial Haired Icon to show that it may seem that you feel alone but always know that we are there with you! The club will be hosting a Charity Beard and Mustache Competition called “Figure Bearded 8” at Figure Eight Brewing located in Valparaiso,Indiana, March 1,2014 to raise funds for The National MS Society ! We all know someone affected by some form of a horrible disease and these facial haired brothers are trying to do there part to help Fight Back with One Beard at a Time! “You Know its Moments Like These when I realize How Much of a Super Hero I am”- Tony Stark

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