BEARd Oil Co.: BEARd Oil Leather Review

BEARd Oil Leather Review

I have to start this review with how happy I was to try out a leather scented beard oil. First thing I did was open that bottle and take a big whiff, and was my nose not let down as I took in a wonderful aroma of leather. Gave me the feeling I was sitting in a brand new car. Granted the aroma is not overpowering at all, nice and light.

Made of Avocado, Argan, Jojoba, and Leather essential oils. Warning Argan oil is a product of nuts. This was the first beard oil that I have used with a pump applicator. I have to say that I really enjoy just spritzing the oil, no cap to fuss with after screwing on, nice and clean.

After using it for a week my beard was nice soft and very manageable. The skin under my beard was healthy and happy. Just last night I was at an event when a woman came up and said that beard is beautiful may I touch? Of course I said yes and she got in close and took in a sniff of the beard and said oh it’s leather!! Then commented on how soft my beard was.

I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for that leather manly smell. It is $15 for 60ml. Stop on over to and check out the other products they have. You can also find them on facebook here.

Review by Dougie D.

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