Lucky Scruff Beard Oil Review

Lucky Scruff Beard Oil Review

I have just finished working my way through all of the products from Lucky Scruff. First off they arrived in white fabric bags that are very pleasing to the eyes and with their logo on it as a nice touch.

I tested three different oils. Tea Tree, Cedar Spice, and Holy and a bar of their Pine Tar Soap.

Now I must preface this as all beard oils are recommended with just a couple of drops, but with my beard I am past that to almost a bit more than a nickel size. I have tested each of these oils for a month.

My beard reached the yeard mark while I was using their products and I am very impressed with Lucky Scruff products they do not disappoint. My beard was extremely soft and very manageable. All of their oils do not weigh down your beard nor do they leave it all oily. All of their scents were spot ion and made me want to hurry to their next product. But I had to take my time.

I started with Cedar Spice Beard Oil. Upon breaking the seal on the bottle and opening it up, My senses were delightfully tickled with the scent of cedar wood, clove, and nutmeg. It was very pleasing to the nose through out the day.

The Tea Tree Beard Oil they say is their most crisp and fresh smelling blend. I would have to totally agree it is a oil you can wear any day and you just feel refreshed. I received many compliments from women who wanted to smell my beard with this oil. Which is starting to be a more common occurrence. Defiantly not complaining.

Now The Holy Beard Oil is by far my favorite product Lucky Scruff makes. I could not get enough of this oil. This is Lucky Scruffs original oil, what started everything for them. They hit a home run with this oil from the start. It is infused with essential oils that capture the dusty, citrusy aspect of frankincense with a hint of mahogany. This oil and scent has taken over as my all time favorite. I can not endorse this oil enough.

Lucky Scruff Pine Tar Soap is the first pine tar soap I have used on my beard. I was hesitant at first, but after I started using it I was truly impressed. Lucky Scruff Pine Tar Soap uses Certified Sustainable Palm Oil promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil. Working it through my beard created a nice thick build up of suds that were quite silky smooth. The more I used it, the more I liked it, as time went on I realized less and less split ends in my beard.

All in all Lucky Scruff is as wonderful company creating wondrous products, please keep up the great work. Now stop reading and go order yourself some Holy Beard Oil stat! You will thank me later.

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Product review by D²