Lucky Scruff Beard Oil Review

Lucky Scruff Beard Oil Review

I have just finished working my way through all of the products from Lucky Scruff. First off they arrived in white fabric bags that are very pleasing to the eyes and with their logo on it as a nice touch.

I tested three different oils. Tea Tree, Cedar Spice, and Holy and a bar of their Pine Tar Soap.

Now I must preface this as all beard oils are recommended with just a couple of drops, but with my beard I am past that to almost a bit more than a nickel size. I have tested each of these oils for a month.

My beard reached the yeard mark while I was using their products and I am very impressed with Lucky Scruff products they do not disappoint. My beard was extremely soft and very manageable. All of their oils do not weigh down your beard nor do they leave it all oily. All of their scents were spot ion and made me want to hurry to their next product. But I had to take my time.

I started with Cedar Spice Beard Oil. Upon breaking the seal on the bottle and opening it up, My senses were delightfully tickled with the scent of cedar wood, clove, and nutmeg. It was very pleasing to the nose through out the day.

The Tea Tree Beard Oil they say is their most crisp and fresh smelling blend. I would have to totally agree it is a oil you can wear any day and you just feel refreshed. I received many compliments from women who wanted to smell my beard with this oil. Which is starting to be a more common occurrence. Defiantly not complaining.

Now The Holy Beard Oil is by far my favorite product Lucky Scruff makes. I could not get enough of this oil. This is Lucky Scruffs original oil, what started everything for them. They hit a home run with this oil from the start. It is infused with essential oils that capture the dusty, citrusy aspect of frankincense with a hint of mahogany. This oil and scent has taken over as my all time favorite. I can not endorse this oil enough.

Lucky Scruff Pine Tar Soap is the first pine tar soap I have used on my beard. I was hesitant at first, but after I started using it I was truly impressed. Lucky Scruff Pine Tar Soap uses Certified Sustainable Palm Oil promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil. Working it through my beard created a nice thick build up of suds that were quite silky smooth. The more I used it, the more I liked it, as time went on I realized less and less split ends in my beard.

All in all Lucky Scruff is as wonderful company creating wondrous products, please keep up the great work. Now stop reading and go order yourself some Holy Beard Oil stat! You will thank me later.

Check out Lucky Scruff at or on Facebook at luckyscruff

Product review by D²

Beardsley Product line review

Yes I know this took some time. I planned to do a review each week, but Beardsley sent me their Shampoo, Conditioner, Beard Oil, and Beard Lotion. So I had to take some time to test out all of their amazing products to get the full effect. I used their products for a month.

I started off day one with a nice shower and lathered up my beard with Beardsley Ultra Shampoo Wild Berry for Beards. The aroma was very nice and relaxing for an early morning shower. Washing my beard twice giving it a nice rinse. Afterwards I started to massage in Beardsley Ultra Conditioner. Right away I could feel my beard getting softer and smelling very refreshing. Some have said they are not a fan of the Wild Berry aroma, but I am.

After getting out of the shower and patting my beard of the excess water I spritzed my hand with the Beardsley Oil for Beards. I did 13 pumps of the bottle. On a side note I am absolutely loving the pump dispenser for beard oil. I could instantly feel how soft my beard was from the shampoo and conditioner, but adding int he Oil for Beards just took my beard to an Uber level of softness. The oil has a very nice aroma nothing too strong. The oil is not heavy at all, it gave volume and fluffiness to my beard.

I found that Beardsley’s botanical ingredients are especially soothing to the skin. The more I used it the softer my beard got. I am truly impressed with the Beardsley product line. The skin under my beard feel healthy and fresh, as well my beard is looking lush and full of vigor.

The Beardsley Lotion for Beards I used as a freshen up if I was at work and did not get to go home and take a shower before working a game at night. As with all their other products the aroma was fresh and nice. Beardsley really knows how to boot overwhelm the senses.

I highly recommend all of Beardsley Products. I have gotten more compliments on my beard since using it. And the most important one is from my girlfriend who has just been in love with my beard since using Beardsley products. She can not keep her hands off my beard. That is a win win in my book. Keep up the great work Beardsley, and Beard On!

Stop by and check out Beardsley at it is worth it.

Product review by D²

BEARd Oil Co.: BEARd Oil Leather Review

BEARd Oil Leather Review

I have to start this review with how happy I was to try out a leather scented beard oil. First thing I did was open that bottle and take a big whiff, and was my nose not let down as I took in a wonderful aroma of leather. Gave me the feeling I was sitting in a brand new car. Granted the aroma is not overpowering at all, nice and light.

Made of Avocado, Argan, Jojoba, and Leather essential oils. Warning Argan oil is a product of nuts. This was the first beard oil that I have used with a pump applicator. I have to say that I really enjoy just spritzing the oil, no cap to fuss with after screwing on, nice and clean.

After using it for a week my beard was nice soft and very manageable. The skin under my beard was healthy and happy. Just last night I was at an event when a woman came up and said that beard is beautiful may I touch? Of course I said yes and she got in close and took in a sniff of the beard and said oh it’s leather!! Then commented on how soft my beard was.

I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for that leather manly smell. It is $15 for 60ml. Stop on over to and check out the other products they have. You can also find them on facebook here.

Review by Dougie D.’s 3rd Annual Garden State Beard & ‘Stache Competition

I’ve only heard, as in folklore, about how epic the Garden State comp is and I can tell you it did not disappoint. Firstly let’s talk about the venue, Asbury Lanes. This bowling alley is located nearly on the shore of Jersey (only a few blocks away, in fact). The meet and greet consisted of many bands and burlesque dancers. There were ample bars and bartenders for ordering and a dedicated area to order bar food. That is important as the drinking was long and food was a must have, in fact the kitchen began running out of items on both the meet and greet and event nights. That isn’t a criticism, the cook did a fantastic job taking orders and filling them pronto (he never wrote anything down). There was simply an excess of hungry beardos and facial hair enthusiasts, all good things!
The meet and greet actually pulled off a ‘beardo speed date’, connecting female facial hair enthusiasts with some prime beardos and moustachios. Sadly no bowling could be had as the venue was packed on both nights, but that was the only aspect that could have made these nights any better. In fact, the stage for the bands was setup in the middle of the venue in the middle of the center lanes!
On Saturday, competition night, the line to get in was out the door! Luckily we purchased tickets online and were able to jump ahead and get in right away (It was a cold night). Once inside, there were raffle baskets for charity, several vendor tables (mostly local beard clubs, but also some local artists). A local salon, Hot Mess, was busy doing freestyle beards for a specific category pitting these styles against each other.
There were 2 MC’s and all the judges had microphones for commentary. Adam RealMan and Al (something or other, sorry I’ve forgot). Adam entertained with some sideshow performance with smoking like 1-2 packs of cigarettes in that span of 5-10 mins!?! It may be hard to picture, but it was quite entertaining and fun.
Contestants were called up and Adam and Al provided funny commentary in between. The categories were split up by a couple of bands playing in between and the awarding of the raffle baskets. Throughout the night people were encouraged to take pictures for Count Justinian wax with the tins used as pasties. For each woman who did this the Count donated $10 ad for each man he donated $5. Needless to say at some point there were 15-20 beardos sporting moustache wax tins over their nipples and all for charity!!
It was quite a successful comp. The host hotel, The Empress, was loaded with people standing in the 3rd floor hallway and in multiple rooms for the after party. If you haven’t yet come to this comp, but it on your calendar it is not to be missed!

Review by: Anthony TheStash Fontes

Styling your beard / Beard in the Hat

I knew it had to happen sooner or later.  I just needed to face the facts.  As fantastic as a set of fierce Chops are, they don’t always fit into a Sideburn category especially when they are loaded with hairspray and pointing up to the heavens!!  Now normally this situation puts me into a Partial Beard category for facial hair competitions.  However, the recent NYC competition in Irving Plaza on Dec 7th did not allow for Partial beards to use styling aides either.  So, I was faced with the dilemma of having to participate in the freestyle (a generally full beard) category with approx 50% less face hair than my competitors.

What is a beardo to do????

Well… What I did was to create the ‘Beard in the Hat’.  To pull this off I needed to imagine what a bearded Cat in the Hat could be and how a guy with Chops could really pull off a good creative look all while trying to beat out other folks with more fuzz on their faces.

I settled on a mental image in my head and immediately knew I was going to need help.  I did what every self-respecting beardo does… ask his wife for help styling his beard!!  Luckily she agreed and was even excited about the design.

Next, I talked to a fellow beardo, Misled Cincinnati, about the best way to color hair without bleaching.  As I always say, when in doubt private message a beardo with right experience.  He recommended a relatively cheap and water soluble hair paint that is carried at party stores nationwide.

So I have the design, I have the help, I have the paint… apart from finding some costume accessories (red bow and a real goldfish) it was time to execute!

Firstly, let me just tell you that the bathroom at our room was not ventilated.  Furthermore, between the fumes and the actual paint, I recommend applying the paint outside.  In order to get a rich red color from my dark brown hair, we needed to first coat my chops entirely in the white spray.  Now, if I was Jim Daly all I would have needed was the red paint!!  So, if you are getting into a venture like this, you’ll need to test it out on your beard initially.  Otherwise, to successfully go from dark hair to light/white, is to take small bunches of hair and spray them until all your hair is evenly colored.  Simply spraying the outside doesn’t penetrate within the beard deep enough to produce a rich color.  Also, holding your breath and using pieces of cardboard are key to minimize huffing and accidental coloration.  My Chops used up 4 cans of white (3 oz at $3 per can locally) between 2 coats and some touch up work.

We let this dry, for about 15 mins, and then sprayed in the red.  We already knew the design 1526538_724459904232397_448787811_nso we had the hair bunched and clipped appropriately.  Here is where the cardboard is come into play; if you are doing more than one color you will need something firm to hold in order to block overspray.  In fact, we even found some card board with angles and that really helped to follow the hair line on my cheeks and across my moustache.

Here’s where things got interesting.  When this particular “paint” dried, it was kind of powdery and tweaking the hair caused the powder to blow off and effectively fade the color.  The white began looking more grey, with my dark hair underneath, and the red began looking pink.  So, at this point, it is a must to use hairspray.  However, you only need a light coat to lock in the paint.  Also hold off on using the blow dryer just yet.  The blow dryer will firm up the hair spray and make your beard difficult to style.

If you’ve made it this far, the world is your oyster, you have a beard, it is colored, and you’re 1488036_724460220899032_89351307_nready to style… make it kick ass!  For the Beard in the Hat, we took an actual large stick candy cane and wrapped my Chops around it, so that we had a proper and reasonable looking diameter.  We tried very hard to keep the colors separate and minimize any gaps between the white and red in order to maintain the appearance of a solid volume in the stripping.  It took about 4 hours of “painting” and about an hours’ worth of styling to finalize the look.  I didn’t place at the competition, but based on a request for pictures I’m fairly certain I was the crowd favorite.  It was a great time, with great people, for a good cause… and that is what really matters.  Beard on!


In summary:

  1. Think about your face, your face hair, and how you can accentuate with you chose style
  2. Get someone else excited about the design and the process, ask them for help even if you think you don’t need it.  Hey they might end up giving you a different take or an idea for the next time!
  3. Contact a fellow beardo and get advice before spending time and money
  4. Spray in color, lock in color, and style!
  5. Start early, having a fantastical beard and going to random places throughout the day will get you noticed and, with any luck, you’ll probably makes some friends
  6. Relax, you have a beard, it is awesome, you are awesome… good things are going to happen!
  7. Enjoy… Oh yeah and promptly shower BEFORE going to bed, trust me!!

Article by: Anthony “TheStash” Fontes

The Bearded Avengers! Club of the month December

The Bearded Avengers!

By: Kyle Coots-President & Founder of BABAV Logo

They always say the first line of an article is the breaking point to the reader if they will stay interested in the story or not. Its always smart to start with a quote, Grab the reader’s attention right away. Who better to quote then Tony Stark with a little twist: “  You can take away my suits, you can take away my home, but there’s one thing you can never take away from me: I Am The Bearded Avengers!”

The Bearded Avengers were formed by Kyle coots and his fiancée Jamie brown. Looking up to Super Heroes as I grew up and my father always Kyle Cootshaving a mustache I knew that eventually I to One day would have facial hair and wear it proudly like my father. I always wanted to be a Super Hero, but with No powers I had to find a way to become my own version of a Super Hero . In late 2012 the calling came! I always had a beard but would shave it off when it was too hot, for jobs, etc. But when I learned about Beard and Mustache Charity competitions and took First Place in Full Beard/Styled Mustache at Chicago Beardsmen Innagural OktoBeard Fest 2013, I felt that I finally found my home and where I could be my own Super Hero, Nick fury said “ I still believe in Heroes” and I to agree that there are heroes out there.  I then realized what kind of Hero I was set out to be. A Bearded Avenger!

But being a Super Hero can be lonely at times. So I set out on the quest to find my Beard Avenger Brother Hood! It was a Slow Journey threw many different villans. At last though located in Indiana were Two more Hero’s searching for a group of Facial Haired Brothers to Join Forces with and Fight for the common decency in all that needs help.

Josh Reed in Angola,Indiana had been watching from the dark about The Bearded Avengers Josh Reedand Growing an Amazing Beard started to reach out  and show interest in being a club member and wanting to compete and help those that are in need threw Facial Hair Glory!  Josh says “ I like to think my beard showed me the way.A Beard is never wrong!” Is Why he chose to join forces with The Bearded Avengers.  Being a freestyler he uses A LOT of Got2b products to make an Award Winning Freestyle Beard! But when its time to tame the beast he uses “ Honest Amish Beard Balm”.Recently taking First Place at MBMC 1st Annual Beard and Mustache Competition and having the beard glory running threw his blood coming from a family with a great beard growing abilities he feels he will be a tough competition. Watch Out Freestylers! Being inspired from every bearded person he meets threw competitions and not really being a fan of shaving “ Who is?! Lol” gives him the motivation to keep growing He says “ You Will Never Know Until You Grow!”

Looking for another Facial Haired Hero and Not having to look too far I found the next Club BigNastyMember.The Next supreme Bearded Being to add to The Bearded Avengers! Finding this New member was threw a fellowed Mustached Brother  James Erb VP of The Bearded Avengers. BigNasty Matt Johnson always wanted to compete but never really had the right people to reach out to about this glorious competition of Man! But I kept my eye out and reached out to BigNasty and asked him to join.The man is very Dedicated and Excited about making an alliance and helping out the greater good! Being raised in a home his Father always wore a beard,as soon as the stubbles came in on the chin he didn’t let that get thin! James Erb Vp was out scouting and sending very dedicated and ready competitors to the club. “Nothings too Expensive when it comes to Beard Care”

The Bearded Avengers have a code to Being a Facial Haired Hero:

“As a Beaded Avenger it is are duty to be are own Super Hero,To grow and never shave and always be there to Save the day,and Fight for the cause of the Good Inside Each person”

The Bearded Avengers want to be a club that stands out as Heroes for the little guys,being a Facial Haired Icon to show that it may seem that you feel alone but always know that we are there with you! The club will be hosting a Charity Beard and Mustache Competition called “Figure Bearded 8” at Figure Eight Brewing located in Valparaiso,Indiana, March 1,2014 to raise funds for The National MS Society ! We all know someone affected by some form of a horrible disease and these facial haired brothers are trying to do there part to help Fight Back with One Beard at a Time! “You Know its Moments Like These when I realize How Much of a Super Hero I am”- Tony Stark